Treatments sequelae, wounds, cancer


In STEMCLINIC we carry out reconstructive treatments with fat enriched with stem cells and regenerative cells for those who have suffered surgical treatments with or without radiotherapy for many types of cancer. Also for wounds and defected chronic ulcers with any type of depression (accident, malformation etc.) The correction of these defects contributes substantially to the reestablishment of the corporal image and well being.


The aftermath of the treatment of cancer, surgeries, accidents or any malformations can produce defects on the face as well as any other part of the body:




Loss of volume

Alterations on the skin

Ulcers and chronic wounds which do not heal etc.

With the therapies with regenerative cells derived from adipose tissue, the stem cells contained in the fat contribute to a better irrigation and contribution of the blood vessels to the area to repair, remodel and the softening of the scars, filling any defects, remodelling the collagen. This also substantially improves the quality of the skin.


The enhancement of the volume achieved is much more stable and long lasting.


The stem cells of the fat have the characteristics to change themselves into a part of the tissue, for this reason the aspect of reconstructed tissue looks and feels the same as the natural cells, because it is one. And also, free of scars.

Advantages of the reconstruction of the stem cells and regenerative cells compared to other techniques:

It can be carried out frequently under local anaesthetic

Using ones own tissue (own fat and stem cells)

Low indication of complications

Short recuperation period

Natural results

Corrects defects and asymmetries

Minimal or no scars

Improves the quality of the skin

Improvement of the existing scars

Regenerates and heals tissue

Increases blood flow to the affected area

Long lasting results

Without foreign bodies or implants