In a more powerful and effective way than with PRP (platelet growth factors) there is a regeneration and biostimulation of skin cell cells, hair follicles and tissues in general. Especially when hair follicles start to weaken, this treatment achieves the regeneration and revitalization with the patient's own cells (autologous). For this type of treatments, adult stem cells isolated from the patient's own tissues are used in the same act, through a specialized process where in indicated cases, it is not necessary to perform interventions similar to hair grafts.

Technique indications. Which patients are the most appropriate cases?

  • Young patients with incipient alopecia, initial.
  • Patients who begin to notice a decrease in capillary density.
  • It is a way to avoid or delay a hair graft intervention, anticipating to a more important hair loss.
  • Complement and improve results in patients who have already received previous hair graft interventions.
  • Treatment indicated for both men and women

Several techniques can be used:

  • Nanofat: micro concentrate of adipose tissue regenerating cells
  • Regeneration with concentrated SVF (Vascular Stromal Fraction) on the GID platform, the most technologically advanced, with the highest cell concentration
  • Infiltration of cellular concentrate, which contains the capillary stem cells obtained from the patient's own scalp

In all cases, they are advanced techniques, non-invasive and without scars, with immediate recovery and providing scientifically proven results.

Treatment duration: Approximately 1 hour

  • No capillary graft is performed; simply, and as if it were a mesotherapy, the cells obtained are injected minutes before in the affected areas
  • In contrast to the classic PRP that only provides growth factors, these new techniques provide the patient's own cells, which are much more effective.


The progressive regeneration of living pilse follicles, improving growth, quality and hair density. If these follicles are not treated in time, the area will end in baldness.