Breast augmentation with fat and stem cells

THE GREATEST ADVANCES OF PLASTIC SURGERY OF THE FUTURE The L.E.C (LIPOTRANSFER ENRICHED WITH CELLS) is the most recent technique in regenerative medicine which repairs, regenerates and reconstructs damaged tissue and is a genuine alternative to the traditional surgical treatments.


Many women dream of a NATURAL breast enlargement. The breast enlargement with your OWN fat enriched with stem cells: Lipotransfer enriched with cells (L.E.C) is a technique without scars, many times without general anaesthetic, without silicone or negative effects on the chest. The recuperation period is much smoother, almost minimal in comparison to an implant surgery.


This could lead to a natural enlargement that could oscillate between 1 and 2 sizes.



The stem cells and regenerative cells are concentrated and extracted from a part of autologous (own) adipose tissue by a very sophisticated technological process in a laboratory within the operating theatre. These cells are added to the other part of the fat which has been extracted by liposuction. The best results are obtained with this procedure, with perseverance over a long period of time maintaining the most part of the volume, therefore usually only requiring one intervention.

FIRST STEP: Liposuction
A liposuction is carried out with a special technique. The advantage therefore is that additionally and simultaneously a better figure is obtained.
SECOND STEP: Enrichment of stem cells from your own fat
With sophisticated equipment (using GID GROUP technology) the stem cells of one part of the fat obtained by liposuction is extracted. The whole process is carried out in the operating theatre, next to the patient.
THIRD STEP: Implantation into the chest
The stem cells together with the purified fat are reintegrated to the breasts. This combination and enrichment of the fat with stem and regenerative cells is the only way to obtain stable and long lasting results. The stem cells are converted in new adipose cells and the regenerative cells create a better base and habitat for the survival of the injected fat.
The result is a more natural, firmer and younger looking breast without oddities or silicone implants, using the patient’s own fat. Creating a natural aspect and feel with a maximum enhancement of 1 to 2 sizes, although the normal would be 1 extra size. Free of scars. All of this with the rejuvenating effects of stem cells in adipose tissue. The results are radically superior to a normal fat graft with a very high survival rate of the fat which is injected with small cannulas around and under the breast. This unique technique takes advantage of the regenerative characteristics of the cells of the same patient. The adipose tissue is one of the most abundant sources of stem cells in the body.
The tissue that we plastic surgeons have always cast aside has converted itself into a new tool to achieve reparation, regeneration, replenishment and reconstruction. WE COULD SAY THAT THE BODY USES ITS OWN "REPARATION AND REFILLING KIT" Additionally, in many cases, with the benefits of reducing the areas of the body with exaggerated accumulation of fat: Liposuction to reduce: abdomen, thighs, waist etc. Natural Breast Enhancement with L.E.C. (lipotransfer enriched with cells) or any other breast procedure such as implant substitution, correction of defects or aftermath of another surgery, etc.
Complications of breast implants:
Capsular contracture (endurance of the tissue) Breaks and leaks of silicone outside the implant Breast deformities and asymmetries Exposition of the implant and cutaneous necrosis Visibility of the implant and creases on the skin Interference with radiological studies
Advantages of breast enlargement with fat enriched with cells:
Natural result The tissue feels 100% real No need for implant replacements With no risk of breakages or encapsulation