Aesthetic medicine treatments

Breast enhancement

THE GREATEST ADVANCES OF PLASTIC SURGERY OF THE FUTURE The L.E.C (LIPOTRANSFER ENRICHED WITH CELLS) is the most recent technique in regenerative medicine which repairs, regenerates and reconstructs damaged tissue and is a genuine alternative to the traditional surgical treatments. BREAST ENLARGEMENT WITH FAT AND STEM...

Post mastectomy reconstruction

BREAST RECONSTRUCTION DUE TO LUMPECTOMY We offer to patients affected by a LUMPECTOMY a new treatment in those cases where up until now, very few or no alternative existed. With this new technique it is possible to re-establish volume and shape defects using your own fat enriched with stem and regenerative cells with...

Problems with breast implants

SUBSTITUTION OF BREAST IMPLANTS AND L.E.C (with fat enriched with cells) When problems with breast implants arise, one of the best alternatives is extraction and substitution with fat grafts enriched with stem cells, in the same intervention, with the patients own fat achieving a soft and natural breast. Complication...

New facial Aesthetics with stem cells

IMPROVING, RESTORING, REJUVENATING THE SKIN FROM THE INSIDE We have incorporated the use of micro grafts of fat enriched with stem cells to the newest techniques of mini lifting with local anaesthetic, day case and structural lipo grafts. Restoration of volume in facial rejuvenation: Up until some time ago the tech...

Medicine and regenerative surgery

STEMCLINIC is one of the first private centres in Spain to apply the new techniques of plastic surgery with stem cells. Using the latest scientific advances, with GID GROUP of USA technology, STEMCLINIC offers all treatments of regenerative surgery. The regenerative surgery is a discipline that uses adult stem cells d...

Remodelling of gluteus, fat and cells

REJUVENATION OF THE BUTTOCKS WITH STEM CELLS ENHANCEMENT OF THE BUTTOCKS – STEM CELLS AND LIPOSCULPTURE We can isolate the stem cells of your fat and improve to the maximum the aesthetics of the buttocks. The great "advantage" is that we also achieve an improvement and reduction of other parts of the body with a li...

Renovation of articulations with stem cells

NEW HORIZENS FOR PROBLEMS IN JOINTS STEM CELL TREATMENT IN THE KNEES AND OTHER ARTICULATIONS. The way that medicine is currently being practised has changed radically with the use of stem cells and regenerative cells for aesthetic and medical - curative goals. For the treatment of the pathology of joints with stem ...

Treatments for aftermath, wounds, cancer

POST CANCER RECONSTRUCTION, ACCIDENT, WOUNDS AND MALFORMATIONS STEM CELLS AND REGENERATIVE CELLS In STEMCLINIC we carry out reconstructive treatments with fat enriched with stem cells and regenerative cells for those who have suffered surgical treatments with or without radiotherapy for many types of cancer. Also for...

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